Anastasiia Molodoria
AI Team Leader

My love of Math started at school, and resulted in a 200/200 score on the university admission exam. When I was in the primary stages of choosing specializations, two areas attracted me the most – frontend development and AI. I chose AI, and since then I have been consistently enjoying my involvement in this domain. With enthusiasm, I continue to explore and discover new technologies within this area.

I enjoy traveling. Taking a bike and exploring new locations together with my family and friends is indeed a great way to recharge over the weekend before diving into intense work activities.

Moreover, exploring new things is an essential part of my work. It’s always inspiring to find the solution that will perfectly solve the particular project task.
Besides working on various AI projects, I also speak on various webinars and conferences (one of them was Data Hour: How to Stay Relevant in the Booming World of AI?). I also enjoy sharing my research results and insights in the MobiDev blog (follow the links down below).

I’m certain that it’s never late to learn something new. Recently, I learnt how to ride a bicycle at the age of 25! So let’s explore the world of AI together, and find out the best way to empower your software product with it!

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