Xamarin & Microsoft Azure-Based SaaS for Corporate Clients

Client and Business goals:

Quality Bridge, Inc. is a company that has been providing quality improvement consulting since 1995. It aims to promote cost reduction, happier employees, and accelerated innovation.


Complex Web & Mobile SaaS focuses on employee engagement and performance improvement for both mid-sized and large enterprises.

Applied technologies:

Business analysis stage, UI/UX design + prototyping, Material Design, Xamarin, Microsoft Azure, ASP.NET Core MVC, manual and security testing, and Agile management framework.

Cross-platform mobile application for corporate employees
Xamarin & Microsoft Azure app development highlights

Project Highlights:

  • Business analysis stage combined with UI/UX design
  • Microsoft Azure, the most efficient architectural solution
  • Xamarin-based cross-platform mobile apps with 80% shared code
Xamarin & Microsoft Azure app development for enterprise
Xamarin & Microsoft Azure app development for enterprise

Business analysis stage combined with UI/UX design to clarify the initial scope

  • Saving several months of work, we combined an extensive analysis of the target audience and product goals with prototype creation. The next step was to create personas and form a cohesive prototype according to the context of use. After approving the scope of work, we visualized our wireframes using Material Design practices. We then gave a uniquely inviting style to the application with custom illustrations.
Xamarin & Microsoft Azure app development for enterprise

Choosing Microsoft Azure, the most architectural solution

  • Microsoft Azure cloud proved to be the optimal architectural solution, where all instances—the server, the database, and the administration panel—are located in a single place. It’s also efficient to set up, support, and maintain this system. REST API architecture helped us maintain structural consistency, as well as create stable and easily supported code.

Xamarin-based cross-platform mobile apps with 80% of shared code

  • This approach allows us to cover iOS and Android with more than 80% of shared code, resulting in a massive economy of budget and effort. Additionally, Xamarin enables dynamic switching between languages, a difficult task for native apps.
80% Shared Codebase
2X Faster Thanks to combining the BA & UI/UX stages
↑ Efficiency ...with Microsoft stack
Software structure: Xamarin cross-platform mobile app; Web admin panel; Microsoft Azure backend

The idea required an expert team that would help me make it tangible, form a technical solution for a mobile application and outlines a scope of work to match our budget considerations. MobiDev excelled at that with impressive precision and attention to detail. Now my app is a convincing starting point created with due quality and speed, and I'm eager to finally launch it this month.

Joseph Schenk

CEO at Quality Bridge

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