Cross-Platform System for Energy Consumption Management

Client and Business goals:

Energy retail company has spent over 20 years supplying natural gas and electricity across North America and Europe. They contacted us with the concept to create a mobile-first system to manage energy usage and distribution.

Product Description:

Cross-platform application for iOS and Android that allows users to monitor, predict, and optimize energy consumption.

Applied Technologies:

  • Back End: Amazon Lambda, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon RDS, Node.js, Express.js, Sequelize, MS SQL, Microsoft TFS + CI Octopus (automated deployment), STS Authentication, SNS/SQS Push Notifications, DynamoDB (feedback API)
  • Front End: JavaScript, ReactNative
  • Agile management, UI/UX design, manual testing (Mocha/Chai/Sinon), automated API testing
Cross-platform application to optimize energy consumptiont
Creating a serverless architecture

Project Highlights:

  • Working within the client’s existing ecosystem
  • Creating a serverless architecture
  • Migration from Cordova to ReactNative
Migration From Cordova to React Native
Migration From Cordova to React Native

Working Within the Client’s Existing Ecosystem

  • The product and the project flow both were integrated within the client’s existing ecosystem. We worked closely with several in-house teams. The automated deployment for six different environments was determined at the very beginning. It ensured all of the processes ran smoothly and stayed synchronized.
Migration From Cordova to React Native

Serverless Architecture

  • Amazon Lambda-based back end code allowed us to reduce development time and quickly establish synchronization of all data and transaction history. The set of websites for each market became a single unified piece of software.

Migration From Cordova to React Native

  • The platform was originally based on the Cordova stack. We migrated the app to React Native. This helped optimize current and planned functionality and ensured the stability of all app features.
20 Years Operating In The Energy Market
1.5+ Million Customers to Serve Energy to
AWS Lambda Architecture to Scale
Structure of the product created using Node.js backend development

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