ERP Software Development for Retail

Client and Business Goals:

Comcash is a US-based B2B product company with 20 years of experience in the retail sphere. They have been partnering with us for development and ongoing deployment of an innovative and reliable ERP software suite for retail and restaurant businesses.

Product Description:

A flexible cloud-based SaaS ERP solution with data science extensive automation for desktop and mobile POS software, accounting and inventory management software, an administration portal, and an eShop.

Applied Technologies:

  • Web stack: Yii\Symfony, PHP, React Js, MySQL, Redis, Nginx, Docker, Sphinx, Beanstalkd, Exim
  • Windows Platform: WPF, .NET Standard 2.0
  • Mobile Platform: Xamarin Forms
  • Automated server deployment: Symfony, PHP,  Redis, PostgreSQL, Docker, Ansible
  • Automated POS testing: Python, Appium, WinAppDriver, Jenkins, Allure
  • Automated API testing: PHP + Codeception
  • Data Science & Machine Learning: Scikit-learn, Scipy, Pandas, Mlxtend, adaptive selective model, ABC-XYZ analysis, associative rules, Apriori algorithm
Cloud-based SaaS solution with Data Science applied
ERP software development project highlights

Project Highlights:

  • The first version: 1 year from idea to release
  • Automated testing and server deployment to ensure 24/7 POS software reliability
  • Data science applied to predict and facilitate sales
Data science applied to predict and facilitate sales
Data science applied to predict and facilitate sales

The First Version: 1 Year From Idea to Release

  • MobiDev was contracted to take over the software development process and to design the product from scratch with the goal of replacing an older version of the product. The system went live in mid-2014 for its first retail chain after a year of intensive development.
  • Flexibility was always the focus. But initially, it would take us nearly a month to customize the product for a new customer. So, this led us to our next priority: automation.
Data science applied to predict and facilitate sales

Automated Testing and Server Deployment to Ensure 24/7 Reliability

  • Automating server deployment and updates was a must. The solution also needed to operate a 24/7 failsafe. We deployed an ecosystem that allowed us to instantaneously update all 80 POS terminals with the push of a button. And best of all? Setting up a new instance can be completed in as little as 10-15 minutes with our support team.
  • Another big step was testing automation to increase stability, reduce the number of minor updates, and speed up regular major deliveries without compromising product quality. The entire system uses a standard internal API. Automation of testing runs and basic scenarios allowed us to reduce regression testing time from one week to two days.

Data Science Applied to Predict and Facilitate Sales

  • An adaptive selective model that makes demand predictions for each following week was based on 2.5 years of retail sales statistics. However, processing this data to figure out what goods would be in high demand was essential. This model consists of several autoregressive models with some external data, and its key feature is the selection process, which enables forecasting for any particular product at any point in time.
  • The applied DS/ML libraries and approaches Pandas and ABC-XYZ analysis delivered a statistical report that divides goods into groups by popularity and revenues. The data on most and least profitable goods would be used for effective targeted discounts, increasing retail sales in the process.
  • The third model based on Mlxtend, Pandas, associative rules, and Apriori algorithm made its way to the system to offer relevant accompanying goods that customers tend to buy together with any selected product. It helps recommend additional goods to fill the basket of every customer, driving additional revenue.
9+ Years Of Partnership
80+ Retail Chains Adopted the Product
10 Minutes For the System Set Up for a New Company
Automated testing and server deployment to ensure 24/7 POS software reliability

[Together with MobiDev], we're able to work on a 24-hour development cycle, and we release software repeatedly faster than any of our competitors — and there is no overtime. We could never create what we have with MobiDev in my office in California. The tech market is just too competitive these days. If you are interested in developing a world-class product and working with a great group of friendly co-workers everyday, I wholeheartedly recommend MobiDev.

Richard Stack

CEO Comcash Inc.

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