HIPAA-compliant Cross-platform healthcare management solution

Client and business goals:

Multibillion-dollar US healthcare enterprise. The goal – to bring patients better healthcare services. And to become a healthcare company with advanced digital services on the market.


Cross-platform Mobile and Web solutions to integrate patient-doctor interactions and data exchange. The solution combines speed and compatibility with native-like features, HealthKit/GoogleHealth integrations, live chat, and much more. As a complex system, it allows to analyze and manage information on the scale of a hospital facility and integrate with EHR.

Applied technologies:

NativeScript, Angular, Amazon HIPAA compliant services: encrypted RDS, Encrypted ElastiCache, Elastic Cloud (EC2),  Elastic Container Service (ECS). PostgreSQL, Oauth2/JWT, Python-based automated testing, CI/CD, UI/UX design, Agile management framework, and integration with the client’s corporate processes.

Cross-platform Mobile and Web solutions to integrate patient-doctor interactions and data exchange
Hippa compliant app development highlights

Project Highlights:

  • Integration with clients ecosystem and working closely with an in-house team
  • Architect the solution to operate sensitive healthcare data
  • Automation and deployment processes to manage the delivery
Solution to operate sensitive healthcare data
Solution to operate sensitive healthcare data

Integration With Clients Ecosystem and Working Closely With an In-house Team

  • Our team was focused to deliver a patient & doctor portal with all of its features. Also to build a management and analytics module to integrate both of the parts on a hospital-level. The clients in-house team also was deeply involved with integrations and database management.
  • As we were operating with a test and anonymized data, they did bridging and provided us with a data structure. Synchronization of both teams was a must to build a reliable solution to work with different Electronic Health Records (EHR).
Solution to operate sensitive healthcare data

Architect the Solution to Operate Sensitive Healthcare Data

  • To design a reliable and secure product, existing HIPAA compliant Amazon cloud services were used. In this case, it was an optimal scenario. Still, some hospitals were looking to operate on local servers. Working closely with their support teams, we adjusted the product to their needs.
  • To secure the data with Amazon, encrypted RDS was used. Along with it, we had to protect data transportation and event management. For example, Encrypted ElastiCache was applied. Also plenty of security features implemented on a front-end, like preventing browsers from caching sensitive data like x-ray images or preventing the browser from storing the history of search using personal patient data: name, email, etc. To secure users’ authentication in different scenarios Oauth2 and JSON Web Token (JWT) standards were applied


Automation and Deployment Processes to Manage the Delivery

  • Well managed, flexible process and transparent delivery – this is what we bring to our clients. And it’s crucial for an enterprise healthcare product creation. So efforts were focused on integrating the development pipeline and management framework with the client’s in-house team.
  • Most components were covered with test automation, including APIs, UI’s, Unit testing. Another aspect – setting continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD).


Integrating the development pipeline and management framework

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