Karina Anisimova
Kerry Anisimova
Senior European Business Development Manager

I’m the type of person who adores speaking with people – for sure, it’s one of the most fascinating ways to learn something new and master your skills. And this was one of the things which brought me to the position of Business Development Manager. At first glance, it seems complicated to describe what I do in a word. But still, I’ll get back to the word, ‘speak”, since this is the core of all my activities. I speak with MobiDev clients to learn more about their ‘pain’ and needs. Then I talk to our technological and business experts to find a solution which fits project requirements. After that, we all discuss our suggestions with the client to move to the development stage. And this cycle repeats as many times as needed.

And of course, another great part of my working schedule is participating in various tech events with limitless networking possibilities. It’s not just about meeting a lot of visionaries who are passionate about creating a product which will make our world better or revolutionize the industry. It’s also about diving into the unique atmosphere of inspiration that brings with it bright emotions and energizes me. It feels like those couple of seconds right after the plane takes off and you soar a little bit over your seat. Some people are terrified of this moment but I feel extremely excited. Most likely, because I like flying a plane about as much as speaking with people.

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