roman prokofiev
Roman Prokofyev
.Net Developer

I joined the MobiDev team almost 12 years ago, and I’m continually invigorated by the opportunity to contribute to the growth and evolution of our awesome team. In particular, I actively participated in the opening and growth of our Ukrainian R&D centers.

I enjoy exploring cutting-edge technologies, believing that diverse experiences enable me to devise innovative solutions for complex challenges. Currently, I specialize in .Net, which allows me to diversify my work, ranging from web projects to cross-platform mobile applications and even AR/VR technologies. It’s incredibly motivating when people use the results of your team’s work, and you realize that you’ve contributed to their successes.

Beyond my work, I cherish spending quality time with my family. My ideal form of relaxation involves embarking on road trips with my loved ones, regardless of the destination. It’s the journey itself that fills me with positivity and delivers unforgettable experiences. Of course, I can’t leave out one cherished family member I adore spending time with – my Labrador, Bruno. In addition to our thrilling outdoor adventures, he relishes lounging by the couch while I immerse myself in a captivating science fiction novel, or he successfully distracts me from my infrequent sessions of playing Civilization 🙂

Articles written by Roman Prokofyev:

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