Serhii Koba
Ruby Group Leader

Most of all in my life I like to create things. Something fascinating, impactful, and ambitious. It could be a game, a fiction novel, a complex web solution, or a large development team. Among my favorite domains, I’ll highlight healthcare, social networks, bank automation, and fintech because they allow me to use all my skills as a solution architect and develop fault-tolerant, scalable and performant systems.
My second passion is knowledge sharing. It’s incorporated into my life on different levels, from raising a kid to lecturing at university and teaching students web technologies. In day-to-day life, I use this passion and skill by leading different internships, team events, tech talks, and blogs (btw, check our MobiDev Ruby blog).

Last but not least, is self-development. I have many interests like snowboarding, playing the drums, and climbing. On another side, I am interested in Blockchain, IoT, and development in general. Due to these interests, I also received Ph.D. in project management to better understand these processes.

I like to say, that we are alive while we learn something new.

I am an active contibutor on GitHub and TechTarget. Also, I have been a speaker at world’s top tech conferences: Developer Week and  Tech Day.

Articles written by Serhii Koba:

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