Everything you need to know about document annotation

Some time back, companies used to hire teams of specialists to sort through piles of official documents and retrieve specific data from legal documents, order forms, invoices, receipts, pay slips, and transmittal pages. This would usually take hours, and it wasn’t as efficient. Fortunately, companies no longer need to https://safetysignandlabel.com.au/ (naked url) do this.

With the help of a document annotation tool, companies and institutions can analyze and categorize their documents faster and more accurately.

This post will explore what document annotation entails, its benefits, and best practices that can help you ensure your document annotation project is a success.

What is document annotation?
Document annotation refers to the process of tagging fields and values in a document and then extracting information using predetermined criteria. It makes it easier to obtain and learn relevant information from a given document without manually reading it. This may involve highlighting words, phrases, or sentences and then adding labels for future reference or analysis.

Document annotation is important for processing and sorting through complex information in companies, education institutions, logistics, and even supply chain operations. It makes information more convenient for retrieval and conveys it in a way that is widely acceptable.

Benefits of document annotation
When it comes to data processing, the importance of document annotation cannot be ignored. The following are some of the benefits you can realize by implementing document annotation in your business:

Whether you’re using document annotation with PDFs or Microsoft Word documents, it will save you a lot of time when it comes to creating documents. Additionally, document annotation will make it easier for you to enter and change data across multiple documents at once.

This is because the information that needs to be added or changed across related documents only needs to be done once, and it will be updated in every document. For instance, if you want to update a client’s address on all related documents, you only need to enter it once, and the address will be updated on all the other documents.

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