Andrew Makarov
Andrew Makarov
Tech Council Manager, iOS/Android Group Leader

Since childhood, I’ve been fond of science, technology, and sports. This allows me to keep my brain and body in good shape all the time. In 2012, I joined MobiDev as an iOS developer. At the moment I’m a Tech Council Manager, iOS/Android Group Leader, and an Augmented Reality Solution Architect. I’m happy to be part of the team and bring real value. Over this time I’ve taken part in many various projects including mobile apps with the integration of innovative technologies like Augmented Reality, The Internet of Things, Data Science, and Machine Learning. I like to look outside of the box and come up with new unique solutions, and like to put my soul into our projects.

I enjoy public speaking and meeting in person. It was a pleasure to be a speaker at tech conferences like MobileTechCon and PHP Conference. I’m happy to contribute to the DEV Community. Also, you can find my articles that are regularly published on ClutchTechDay, The Manifest, VR VoiceAR PostIndependent RetailerDZoneIoT For All,  Smart Insights

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Andrew Makarov took part at the following events:


DATE: Jun 03-07, 2019
LOCATION: Berlin, Germany


DATE: Oct 09-10, 2018


DATE: May 30, 2018
LOCATION: Santa Clara, USA


DATE: Apr 21-26, 2018
LOCATION: Coventry, UK


DATE: Mar 13-14, 2018


DATE: Dec 04-05, 2017
LOCATION: Berlin, Germany


DATE: Nov 10, 2016
LOCATION: Los Angeles, USA


DATE: Aug 11, 2016


DATE: Mar 14-17, 2016
LOCATION: Munich, Germany
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